Sanden and Unicla enter strategic alliance

Two great compressor brands prepare for the global transport revolution

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: Leading automotive compressor manufacturers Sanden International and Unicla International have signed off on a strategic alliance that heralds an innovative global campaign to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding public road transport sector, as well as other heavy-duty markets.

The alliance was finalised in February 2018 at the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) 2018 Training Event and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, in front of 1200 mobile air conditioning sector experts comprising of designers and manufacturers of systems, components, tools and equipment, and professionals responsible for installation, maintenance, diagnostics and repair.

Sanden is the world’s largest air conditioning compressor manufacturer not owned or controlled by a vehicle manufacturer, while Unicla is focused on heavy-duty compressors for the public transport, refrigeration, marine, agricultural and mining industries.

Both companies, underpinned by 128 years of innovative Japanese technology between them, see the alliance as two great brands collaborating and sharing respective unique technologies to meet the high demands of the modern transport market.

Under the agreement, Unicla’s heavy-duty compressors in the range from 200cc to 675cc will be co-branded in a strategic move by Sanden to use their comprehensive distribution network to meet the expected high demand for more powerful compressors.

‘This alliance between friendly competitors is a perfect opportunity for Unicla to showcase our high quality heavy duty compressors on a much bigger global footprint than we could have achieved on our own,’ said Unicla director Mr Mark Mitchell.

Mr Mark Padwick, chairman of the Sanden Global Aftermarket Sales Team added: ‘With this strategic alliance, Sanden will be able to offer a wide range of models, from small capacity compressors to the massive UWX660. This, along with our global network of technical support and logistics allow us to provide unmatched product breadth and service’.

Key models that will be introduced into the co-branded range will be the UX380 lightweight powerhouse for bus and coach, and the UWX660, the largest capacity swashplate compressor in the world.

Mr Mitchell said the complete range of Unicla high performance compressors, from the 200cc series to the UWX660, will be integrated into the Sanden range.

Sanden’s senior manager of OEM & Aftermarket Sales, Mr Mike Rouse said: ‘Introducing such an extensive range of high capacity compressors will be a timely fit in the US market and will enable us to better meet the needs of the growing transport sector.’