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Future cars for future comfort. Electric compressors for niche hybrid and full electric vehicles, battery thermal managing and integrated parking cooling.

Drawing on the success of the first Sanden electric compressor originally developed in 1990, the Sanden Gen2 Evo model features a new, more compact design and has been developed to withstand tough operating conditions, guaranteeing a long service life.

Leading Sanden Technology

Sanden Gen2 Evo models have no start-up restrictions for quick acceleration, a smoother drive due to internal balancing and have been designed to have a low oil circulation throughout their operating range, which optimises their service life.


Due to an integrated muffler, the Gen2 Evo achieves a low noise emittance of <64 dB at 5000 rpm.

Integrated Oil Separator

Sanden Gen2 Evo compressors feature an integrated oil separator, thereby minimising oil migration to the system and maximising lubrication to the compressor.

EC Generic product types

  • SHS15
  • SHS33
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